Spotify Playlist Generator

Connect with your Spotify account and generate playlists in no time by associating artists. This frontend app is built with React and uses Spotify Web API. The idea of this side project came from a frustration with the limitations of Spotify playlist creation tool. I wanted to be able to create large playlists with artists that I love and trust, in less than a minute. And here is the result. It's free to use. Enjoy! PS: Spotify is currently limiting access to the app to a maximum 25 registered users. I'm currently in the process of requesting a quota extension to make it available to the general public. In the meantime, if you're interested in testing the app just send me an email.

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Project info

Name :

Spotify Playlist Generator

Year :


Type :

Web App

Role :

Frontend Development, Design

Technologies :

ReactJS, Styled-Components, Spotify Web API