I'm Baptiste Firket

Here is a summary of who I am and what I do. For more details, you can find my full resume here



" I worked with Baptiste in the context of an early stage startup. Baptiste came across as very motivated and eager to learn, which are key aspects that I typically look for when hiring young professionals. That aspect, combined to the fact that he had the opportunity to work with a state-of-the-art web stack, would make him a very good addition to a web team as a junior developer "

- Thibaut Van Spaandonck - Founder & Principal Consultant at Urge2code

What I Do

Front End

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Gatsby, Styled-components, CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Bulma, Material UI), Apollo-graphQL

Back End

NodeJS, ExpressJS, GraphQL, MySQL, MongoDB


Git, Contentful, Algolia, Figma, Wordpress, Netlify, Heroku

If you need more informations, want to discuss or work with me, feel free to contact me at :

Baptiste Firket

Web Developer

+32 491 98 86 60